Sing a Song of Sixpence

I took a Narrative Illustration course and we were assigned some old poems and asked to illustrate a scene from it. Here are some images along the way.

I chose the poem Sing a Song of Sixpence. We were asked to change it up a little so I chose to alter the culture to Korean royalty. I had fun after that figuring out how to draw someone without a nose. 😛


Once I had my scene figured out and all my references photographed, of either myself or my photogenic room mates, I did my line drawing.


I scanned my line drawing and did a print out essentially gluing it to some illustration board texturing the glue as it dried. I find I like to use my acrylics similar to water colors and started with some general color but very thin and watered down.


I continued painting in more layers and values. Had a lot of fun with this project.rhoades_emily_16

Hope you enjoyed seeing my progress. Emsilay4

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