Mention Worthy Links

Where I go online when I need to learn something new

I don’t know about you but searching the web for good tutorials either ends with me stopped at a subscription required page or insufficient tutorials that only make me want to rip my hair out. Now I’ll admit I’m not the most savvy searcher but really who is? While there are some great subscription sites that do indeed have great tutorials some times (especially as a student) you don’t have the money to be paying towards a monthly subscription for a site you might only use once or twice a semester.

Figure Drawing:
Pixel Lovely – An assortment of figure poses. Good for sketchbook/practice.

Color Help:
Adobe Kuler – Color wheel. Check it out it’s pretty amazing.

Creative Bloq – Illustrator Tutorials (that are actually useful)

The links above are ones I’ve stumbled upon along my way through art school. While I’d love to do nothing but search all day for great tutorials, let’s be real, I didn’t have the time when I found these and I still don’t have the time now. The links are also relevant to what I was doing in my courses and as such leave much to be desired if you are looking here for a mass index.

If you know some great sites that keep you coming back for great tutorials let me know. I’d love to add them to my list if I can and increase my amazing library for where to learn top notch art techniques.

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